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Wild flower honey is nectar from a mix of wildflowers. Monofloral is nectar from one floral source. 


Lets start with our local raw 

Midwest Wildflower Honey

Fruity, floral, confectionery with warm tones.

here at wild harvest our apiary sits on 20 acres where the clover is always in bloom with apple blossoms, maple, honeysuckle, basswood, fruits and vegetables, such as grapes, blueberries, blackberries, elderberry, peppers, herbs, sunflowers, lavender and so much more! Did you know soil has a lot to do with the sweetness of honey? Here in McLean county Illinois we have some of the best soil in the WORLD! If you ever visit our apiary,  we would be happy to show you around! I am currently 1 out of 40 USA Honey connoisseur with the American Honey Tasting Society and we have one of the largest tasting bars in the USA.


Did you know that real honey should crystalize? it is a sign it has not been heat treated or micro filtered and you are getting 100% of the benefits. To reliquify simply run under warm water. Honey will also shift colors with the seasons depending on what is in bloom.

9 oz. Local Wild Harvest Honey Raw

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