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Introductory to the Sensory Analysis of Honey

Hive Tours

Get hands on or just watch and learn!

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Private Hive Experiences

Discover the fascinating world of bees with a private bee hive tour! Get hands-on experience and learn how to manage and inspect a hive, whether you're considering becoming a beekeeper or just looking for a fun and educational activity with friends. After the tour, head to our honey bar and sample exotic honey from all over the world, including honey from the bees you worked with. It's an unforgettable experience that starts at a reasonable $69 for up to 6 people, with each additional person costing just $50. Join the honey frenzy and book your tour today!


The price starts at a reasonable $69 for up to 6 people. Each additional person is $50. Come and join the honey frenzy!


Group Hive Tours

Are you searching for a fun and educational team-building activity? If yes, then our honey tasting and tour is the perfect choice for you! Our honey bar is one of the largest in the United States, featuring a wide variety of handpicked honey from local markets around the world. It's a unique way to spend an unforgettable day outside the office. Join us for a farm tour, where you can feed the chickens, see our apiary, and take a stroll through our gardens.

Group rates start at $15 per person with a minimum of 20 people required.

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