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Introductory to the Sensory Analysis of Honey

Field Trips & Kids Day

One of the largest Honey tasting rooms in the USA. 

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Field Trips

Field trip days are a wonderful way to educate the next generation about the importance of pollinators for our survival. This year, we have added a new section of one of our gardens dedicated exclusively to kids. After a complete tour of the farm, they can visit our observation hive and watch the real bees behind the glass.


Each tour lasts approximately 1 hour. The price for private kid visits starts at $10 per person, this includes chaperons with a minimum of 5 kids. If you are visiting from a school, the cost is $3 per child. Come join the honey frenzy! Please ensure all students wear closed-toe shoes during their visit to our farm.

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If you are planning a private homeschooled trip, kindly ensure that you have a minimum of 5 children in your group. Additionally, please ensure that every visitor wears closed-toe shoes, as we will be walking through a pasture where bees will be feeding.

kids outside in a flower field.jpg
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