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It's time to get in a hive!! Limited Space for this hive tour. As beekeepers we tend to our bees all year long. In this tour,  we will be learning what we as beekeepers look for on a hive inspection. Queen, brood, eggs, drones, worker bees, food storage and more.  I will be keeping an eye on the weather but if it drops below 40 degrees or rains this will be moved to the next warm day. We do not want to harm our hives.  1.5 hours long make sure to wear covered shoes, long pants, and long sleeve shirts. If you do not have these you will need to reschudle and no refund will be given. 18 years and older. Satuday tours start at 8:00am-9:30am, Thursday & Friday Tours  start at 9:00am-10:30am.

September Hive Tour Adults

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