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Wild Flower honey is nectar from a mix of wildflowers. Monofloral is nectar from one floral source. 


Lets start with our local raw Honey Base

Midwest Wildflower Honey

Fruity, floral, confectionery with warm tones.

here at wild harvest our apiary sits on 20 acres where the clover is always in bloom with apple blossoms, maple, honeysuckle, basswood, fruits and vegetables, sunflowers, lavender and so much more! Did you know soil has a lot to do with the sweetness of honey? Here in McLean county Illinois we have some of the best soil in the WORLD! If you ever visit our apiary,  we would be happy to show you around! I am currently 1 out of 40 USA Honey connoisseur with the American Honey Tasting Society and we have one of the largest tasting bars in the USA. 


We take that base and soak berries, seeds, spices, chocolate etc. until the flavor of what we are soaking is infused with the honey. This gives the honey so many more benefits and uses. The benefits of the honey remain the same plus you get the benefit of what we infused in it.


Carolina Reaper-

This is a top seller here at Wild Harvest. It is a perfect balance of sweet and heat. Great for glazes, pizza, dipping sauce, grilling, hot toddies, and so much more!


Elderberry- I can't say enough about this one. Elderberry's are known for their powerful immunity boost, add that to honey and boom, now its a supper, supper food. This is great in tea, coffee, toast, beagles, or just taking a spoonful a day. The honey takes away the bitterness of the elderberry making it go down much smoother. 


Espresso- Mmmmm. Espresso honey is wonderful in so many things. We take fresh espresso beans and soak them in the honey, leaving a coffee flavor in the honey. This pairs well with desserts, ice cream, coffee, tea,  breads, or a sweet glaze. get the taste of sweet coffee. Our Espresso-Infused Honey is made with locally roasted coffee beans, and the flavor is reminiscent of warm nutty coffee with notes of rich chocolate. Some say it has a subtle mocha taste. Espresso-Infused Honey pairs perfectly with baked goods, ice cream, pancakes, yogurt and granola and, of course, coffee!


Ginger Honey- So many bennifets come from this amazing honey. I can't even begin to tell you about all the health benefits! This is a supper honey for sure. 

The sweetness of honey against the sharp spiciness of ginger may not be a pair you can easily think of. But combining honey and ginger not only combines their multiple health benefits and healing properties but also offers a peculiar balance of sweetness and spice that is unmatched. Several renditions of this combination – teas, alternative medicines, and more – have existed for ages in several cultures. 

Traditionally, the most popular uses of honey and ginger together were for treating cough, cold, and other respiratory issues. Several cultures across the world use this combination for relief from symptoms such as a sore throat or a runny nose.  Individual researches on ginger and honey have found that these two can  help relieve the common cold and cough.Calm the chills of a winter morning and shed the killer kilos off your waist. Protect your heart from skipping a beat and keep your breath running. This and much more benefits come in the simple cup of ginger honey. However people are forgetting the magic of this morning drink. Indigestion obesity infertility infections cancer or some of the most common modern-day woes.

The story of ginger goes back to more than 5000 years ago. Back in those days, Ginger was as a symbol of wealth and fertility. It is one of the most powerful spices that has many medicinal and therapeutic qualities. Every part of this herb has medicine powers.

Secondly, Ginger has great anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects.

Thirdly, it contains gingerols, shogal, and paradols. These ingredients make it a potent cancer preventive natural food. 

Ginger can prevent motion sickness, improve digestion and reduce joint pain. The spicy root offers a whole bouquet of benefits. Packed with great nutritional punch ginger is the home remedy to a myriad of maladies. 

Ginger honey boost metabolism and acts as a fat cutting juice. When made into a tea, it is popular for treating respiratory issues like asthma and bronchitis.Ginger honey tea is rich in antioxidants which help improving the immune system. It helps promote the release of bile, which further helps to dissolve fate.

It has antibiotic properties and acts an effective rembendy for wounds and ulcers.

Ginger honey tea is a boon for females with menstrual problems.

It helps to relax the muscles, reduce cramps, and regulate the flow Ginger can combat in vomiting and nausea. it can help manage some of the symptoms of chemotherapy and cancer treatments

Its healing properties and stone aroma helps combat stress and tension. Ginger honey offers a strong antifungal punch protecting the body from infections It is the old school formula to treat migraine, headaches, and joint pains.


Apple Spice- Formerly named Autumn Spice. It was so popular we renamed it to fit everyday of the calendar. This classic honey is infused with all the wonder fall spices taking you into sweater weather with the first taste.  So good on pancakes, ice cream, bake goods, tea, coffee and any type of breads.


Brownie explosion- MMMM. It is a good as it sounds. Last like brownies. Gourmet chocolate is blended with our honey with a touch of sea salt to give it a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Pair it with waffles. pancakes, fruit, nuts, ice cream, coffee, and tea. 


Pumpkin Spice- Yep. another classic here. This adds another layer to bake goods, breads, and desserts using classic pumpkin spices with our local raw honey. 



Mango Honey- This one is a summer favorite for me. I use it on salads, glaze salmon, and add it to my ice cold water! 


Pineapple Honey- I use this classic like I do my mango. Once the pineapples have soaked I strain them and flavor my water with them. Our customers love this one on breakfast foods and deserts.



Note: If you are ordering glass bottles. I am not responsible if they leak or if the post office breaks them. I will do my best to package them to prevent this. If you are worried about them breaking you may want to order our same honey in the plastic bottles here ..

peppermint Infused Honey Glass bottles

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