This class and tour is geared towards school age children ages 6 and up.  We will begin our class/tour in our classroom area where we will examine bee biology and the ecology in the hive.  We will learn how to identify honey, pollen, nectar, eggs, brood, queen bee, worker bees, drone bees, pests and much more.  We will also take some time learning about the tools a beekeeper uses and why we use those tools.  After finishing our lesson, we will go over bee yard etiquette and get dressed in protective bee yard attire.  We will then take a stroll or tractor ride on our farm where we will see bees pollinating our wildflower gardens. The last stop on our tour, will be our main apiary that is home to 20 hives or 1,000,000 bees. While in the main apiary we will observe bees flying in and out of their hives. After watching the bees, we will return to the classroom where we will sample honey. There will be many photo opportunities along the way.  All participants should wear closed toed shoes and pants. *No sandals will be allowed on the tour.
Although honey bees are usually very gentle, they can sting.  If your child is allergic to bee stings, this might not be the right class for them.
This tour/class is dependent on weather conditions.  In cases of inclement weather, we will have to cancel and reschedule the class.
**We must meet a minimum of 4 participants for each class or the class will be cancelled and you will be refunded.
If you have younger children, please contact us to see if this class will be right for your younger child.
If you are a school and are wanting to plan a field trip for a larger group, please contact us.

**Tickets are $15 per participant.

Kids and Family Hive Tour and Class September 3rd