Class time: 9:00-10:30


This experience is for ages 14 and up.


You will learn how bees make honey, the importance of honey bee pollination, various honey bee types, difficulties facing the modern beekeeper, how to inspect a hive, and taste different honey samples from the largest tasting bar in the midwest and one of the most exotic in the USA!


We start with an introductory discussion providing an overview of your experience, then move into, how bees make honey, and a description of beekeeping equipment and practices. 

Then you will put on a full protective bee suit and we will tour our apiary located here at Wild Harvest Honey Farm. - YES, we will inspect hives together to search for the Queen!! ( NOTE: It must be a warm day without rain and above 55* F to conduct an apiary tour. )


Afterwards, you can taste different types of honey from around the world. Each participant will receive a jar of our famous local raw honey.


*Other things to note

Will you get stung by a bee? Probably not, but possible. We will provide you with a full bee suit and encourage you to wear it while outside during the tour of our apiary along with pants, closed toe shoes with socks and long sleeves. Avoid perfume, lotion, strong after shave, and dark clothing. **If you are severely allergic to bees, you should not sign up for this experience.


All participants will sign a waiver on the day of the experience.  Children ages 14-17 will need a parent signature on the waiver.


If you are interested in a private tour please contact us as prices change for private one on one.


We must meet a minimum of 3 people for the class or the class will be canceled and you will be refunded.

Hands on Hive Experience July 10th from 9:00-10:30