The warm tropical flavor and slightly crystallized texture of this Raw Fair Trade Coffee Blossom Honey comes from the nectar collected by honey bees from beautiful and delicate coffee blossoms grown in the highlands region of Chiapas, Mexico.

Suggested Uses

Ideal when paired with cheeses that have a mild, nutty flavor such as Asiago or Manchego. Also, makes for a beautiful glaze for darker meats such as duck, ham and beef. The unique and warm flavor of coffee blossom honey also blends well as a sweetener for tea and coffee.

About the Beekeepers

In 2011 Alan and Dick Turanski traveled to Mexico to meet with Fair Trade suppliers. In their dealings, they met with Coffee farmers who had formed a co-op in Chiapas. With the help of local churches, these farmers banded together and began selling high-quality coffee to the world. This was a huge boon for the region, but these farmers were fully dependent on a single source of income. If a coffee crop failed, the farmers could lose everything.

GloryBee knew we could help and worked with other cause forward organizations to teach the coffee farmers beekeeping as a way to supplement their income and increase the yield of their crops with honey bee pollination. Today the Chiapas coffee farmers practice sustainable coffee production and have mastered beekeeping.

Beekeeping for honey production and pollination solve social and environmental challenges:

  • Coffee production has been found to double when purposely pollinated by honey bees
  • Honey harvest provides an off-season income for coffee farmers
  • Honey sales provide an alternative source of income to deforestation should the coffee farms fail
  • Honey production does not require ownership of land, making it an option for young people or disengaged members of the community

Coffee Blossom Pure Raw Honey