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Adopt a hive in our new village "Polli Nation".  This package is valued at over $400. 

100% of your adoption funds will go towards our apiary. Providing a more natural food source for early spring and late fall. Safe but pricy mite treatments to keep them healthy all year long. Equipment repair and hive expense. In return you get to join me in the new village, day or night. Join me on a hive tour where we will tour and teach from your hive so you can get to know all about them. Join us at our glow events for free to see their village light up at night. Suits will be provides for you on your visits. Take advanatge of our VIP membership by getting 10% off of any Wild Harvest products. Help harvest your hives honey when its time. Take home a little piece of PolliNation to plant at home as a reminder of how wonderful you are for helping one of our most valued assets on earth. 

Adopt a Hive

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