Learn to become a Jr. Beekeeper

From lessons on the environment and zoology, to nutrition and biology, a beehive is a science class in a box.


Educators play an critical role in the recovery of our bees. We want to educate youth about the importance of bees and what can be done to save them. 


Our science and education programs build environmental stewardship by teaching children and adults about the lives of bees, the dire consequences of bee population collapse, and how we can act as stewards for bees and their natural environment.

Our materials including the STEAM Lesson Plans are written by educators and designed to meet NGSA standards.


Our educator has 20 years of experience in the class room.


With The Honeybee Conservancy, we’re creating a bee education program that will bring awareness, excite, and empower students, while dispelling common fears often associated with bees.

Demonstration hives in our BeeVillage gives children and adults the unique opportunity to experience bees and their environment firsthand. We believe this exposure to the fascinating world of bees gives people the power to move from bee observers to bee advocates.