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Honey Sensory Classes

This class is for adults who want to learn more about honey.  It's perfect for a date night or outing with friends. 


This class will be led by our certified honey connoisseur.  In the class we will explore the difference in colors, smells, textures, and tastes of 5 different honeys.  We will use the honey tasting wheel and color chart to evaluate each honey.  The class will also discuss and try different foods that pair well with honeys such as different cheeses, fruits and nuts.

Summer & Fall 2021 Honey Sensory Class Dates

Friday, July 16th

Friday, August 20th

Friday, September 24th

Friday, October 22nd

Hive Experiences

To dream a new experience.

Hive experiences are for ages 14 and up. 

During this experience, you will put on a full protective bee suit and will go through a hive inspection with a beekeeper. 

You will learn how bees make honey, the importance of honey bee pollination, various honey bee types, difficulties facing the modern beekeeper, how to inspect a hive, and taste different honey samples from the largest tasting bar in the midwest.

nd one of the most exotic in the USA!

Honey Sensory Classes

An experience unlike any other.

Wild Harvest Honey Farm is a proud member of the American Honey Tasting Society. Our honey tasting Class is hosted by our on staff honey connoisseur. This tasting class will sharpen your senses and give you a strong foundation and deeper understanding of honey.  


Like wine, cheese, coffee, and chocolate, honey has emerged as an artisanal obsession. Its popularity at farmers' markets and specialty food stores has soared as retailers are capitalizing on the trend. This class offers an introduction to the world of how to taste, select, pair and use a diverse selection of honey. You will also be able to taste the honey on fresh fruit and cheeses. New world of possibilities will be opened to your tasting palate. 


Learn the methods of sensory analysis to evaluate honey by color, taste, flavor and texture by sampling several honey from around the world and of coarse our local honey fresh from the hive. Limited to 16 in a class.

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